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The determination of maximal oxygen uptake or VO2 Max is the gold-standard measure of aerobic capacity.


Having a high VO2 Max is a prerequisite for successful athletic performance in endurance events. A VO2 max assessment will allow athletes to accurately gauge their aerobic (fitness) levels, monitor the effectiveness of training and should be part of any good fitness assessment. 

Training Zones

Based on your VO2 test, we can accurately pinpoint your training zones (not the max heart rate nonsense), which enables you to target your training to achieve a specific outcome. This means you know what heart rate, power or speed you should be aiming for within each session

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

From a VO2 test, we can compare your results to optimal values, which helps us decide your fitness area that needs more work. Is it endurance, high intensity exercise, or do you need to be more efficient? A VO2 test can tell you this.

Gym Equipments

Carb Vs Fat Burn

From a VO2 test, we can also see how much fat and carbohydrates you burn at different intensities (speed or power). Your carbohydrate/fat burn helps us understand how to eat for various training sessions and maximise fat loss


How many kcals do you burn at different intensities? Using indirect calorimetry, we can measure how many kcals you burn, which makes things easier to plan how much you need to eat for your goals.

Who will benefit from a vo2 test?


A VO2 test can help sportstmen and women maximise their training to target them as individuals and for their specific sport. It can also help reduce the chances of injury by monitoring how hard you push.

Some who wants to get fitter

If you’re looking to get fitter, a VO2 test can target your training around your physiology and makeup. Knowing your VO2 Max helps make your workouts more effective and efficient, so you get results more quickly.

Someone who wants to understand how to fuel their training

A VO2 test is one of the most powerful tools to understand how to eat for your training. By seeing how many carbohydrates you are burning, we can help fuel you properly and maximise fat loss

Someone looking to lose weight

A VO2 test is not just for athletes. If your goal is weight loss, we can help you understand what intensities you burn the most amount of fat and how to burn the most amount of kcals.

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