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Metabolic Testing

The only way to know what your body needs is through Metabolic Testing.


Metabolic Testing shows you just what is going on inside your body, so you can finally unlock the mystery of your own metabolism! Your metabolism is unique to you, which is also why the amount of food you need for your goals, is also unique to you.


Many people come to Performance Fitness Testing because they are struggling to lose weight, despite watching what they eat. This this is where a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test can help. It’s now widely accepted that an RMR test is the best way to help establish your dietary needs.


According to the American Dietetic Association Position on Weight Management 2009 “Estimated energy needs should be based on resting metabolic rate (RMR). If possible, RMR should be measured”.


What is your RMR?

RMR is your Resting Metabolic Rate and is the amount of energy (kcals) your body burns at completely rest. Your RMR accounts for around 60% of the total energy burned during the day so it’s hugely important when calculating your dietary needs. Knowing this number helps you accurately determine how many kcals you require to eat for your goal.

How do you measure it?

An RMR test works by using Indirect Calorimetry. An Indirect Calorimeter measures the percentage of oxygen concentration in the gases a person breathes out to determine how much oxygen was consumed by the body.


Because we know that there is 4.813 calories burned for every millilitre of oxygen used, by measuring how much oxygen you breathe in and out, we can accurately measure how many kcals you're burning.

What happens during an RMR test?

The RMR metabolism test at Performance Fitness Testing is an easy test which only takes around 20 minutes. During this time, you will be asked to breath normally into a mouthpiece. The air that you breathe in is then analysed, which will provide you with your unique metabolic rate and recommended kcal requirements.

Do you need to retest?

Your RMR will fluctuate over time, so we recommend that you retest your RMR every 3-6 months, especially if you see changes in your weight.

Why should I get an RMR test?

1. You know exactly how much you eat

By understanding your metabolic rate, we can establish an accurate set of calories based on you as an individual and how that can help with weight loss and or performance goals.

2. It makes weight loss straight forward

Knowing your RMR makes achieving weight loss goals straight forward as you know the exact number of calories you are burning day to day.

3. It removes any guess work

Unlike calculators you find online, there is no guesswork associated with an RMR test, so it is far more accurate than calculating it yourself.

3. Detection of hypo-metabolism

In some cases we may see that you have a clinically low metabolic rate, where we can advise you to go and see your doctor for further help.

3. Stabalise weight loss

When trying to lose weight, your RMR will decrease after dieting. However, in most cases, if you maintain your new weight for 6 months, your RMR will eventually rise to the expected level. Pinpointing the precise number of calories necessary to maintain is key to surviving this crucial period.

How do I prepare for an RMR test?

Interested in an RMR Test?

If you think you could benefit from Metabolic Testing, get in touch today and we can provide you with more information and your package options.

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