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At Performance Fitness Testing we offer an on-site testing service, available across the island of Ireland. On-site testing allows us to perform V02 Max tests in real-world conditions across different locations, such as outdoor environments, gyms, sports clubs and research facilities.

The equipment used for our testing is state-of-the-art and has been imported from North America.


Your VO2 Max is one of the best markers for fitness and performance. Although not the only metric that matters,  your VO2 Max represents the ceiling of how much oxygen you can breathe in and convert to energy. The more energy you can convert, the more power and speed you can produce.


The VO2 Test is a simple graded exercise test which measures your aerobic fitness and endurance capacity. V02 MAX testing provides valuable information used to establish heart rate training zones as well as helping to identify areas in your fitness where you need to improve.


This test is tailored to your fitness level and preferred sport.

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metabolic Testing

The RMR metabolism test at Performance Fitness Testing is an easy test which only takes around 20 minutes.


During this time, you will be asked to breath normally into a mouthpiece. The air that you breathe in is then analysed, which will provide you with your unique metabolic rate and recommended kcal requirements.

Full testing package

Are you looking to lose weight and improve your exercise performance?

This service will combine both VO2 Testing and Metabolic Testing provide you with a full set of recorded results, taking into account Oxygen levels and metabolism. This is our most detailed and advanced package.

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